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Legal advice on all Family Law Matters

Legal advice on all Family Law Matters

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Nottingham Family Law Group Office and HQ

About Family Law Group

Welcome to Family Law Group, your go-to firm of solicitors specialising solely in Family Law. With a rich history spanning over 17 years, we're dedicated to offering top-tier legal advice and service to our clients. You'll find us in Nottingham, Chesterfield, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Wellingborough, Derby, Loughborough, Peterborough, Bedford, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge, making us a convenient choice for clients across the region.

We are staunch advocates for universal access to quality family law expertise, regardless of one's background or financial circumstances. To ensure this, we've adopted a transparent pricing structure, including fixed fees, and we are committed to providing prompt and efficient service at a reasonable cost.

Whether you're in need of legal advice, mediation, or Collaborative Law, our team of expert solicitors is here to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Our people

With a shared commitment to excellence, our team is here to offer you exceptional legal expertise, tailored to your unique circumstances. Visit our Team page to get to know each member of our dedicated team and find out how they can help you navigate your family law matters.

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Suzanne Foster
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Specialists in family law

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I got in contact with Family Law back in August last year- I was put through to the wonderful Megan who was very kind and informative. Herself and Hannah have been working on my case and have been nothing short of excellent. They are a fantastic duo who really took the time to ease my anxieties and work with me. They’ve ensured throughout that I was happy with all undertakings of my case and delivered nothing but professional, honest service. Their kindness will never be forgotten.
The Derbyshire team were absolutely excellent in their thorough and supportive approach to the complicated and emotional family court process. Aimee Booth was exceptional in reassuring and guiding me, continually doing her utmost to ensure documents were clear, concise and filed on time. There were a number of unexpected issues along the way due to covid delays etc and matters were made extremely complicated and delayed by the other party but Aimee and her team did everything in their power to keep things moving and keep me fully informed. The whole process was extremely challenging mentally and emotionally. At times I got overwhelmed by it all but Aimee showed genuine compassion and kindess when ensuring that I fully understood the information/processes. I am eternally grateful to Aimee and her team for their professional kindness and support. Should I need assistance in the future, I would definitely return to them. THANK YOU.
Amanda Brown, Suzanne Walton, Mary Chilinski were a beacon of hope to my case at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only were they very knowledgeable in their dealings and assistance, Their calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most(My children). I am eternally grateful for their services within their various capacities and I hereby recommend FLG
I have been dealing with family court for over two years. During a very stressful time everyone I spoke to at family law group were very helpful and supportive. They kept in contact with me often and explained everything that was happening and went through every bit of paperwork with me on the phone when I needed them to so I didn't feel so overwhelmed. Would definitely recommend them and I got the best outcome I could of wished for so im very happy. Thankyou
My solicitor Mary Chilinski was outstanding throughout, kept me and my partners mind at ease and explained the whole process to us thoroughly. I would highly recommend the family law group to anybody who requires a solicitor for these circumstances and can't thank Mary enough for her time.
I couldn't thank family law group enough, they went above and beyond on the case. They was professional at all times and informed me of everything needed in a timely manor, I hope I'd never need a family law solicitor again but if I did I wouldn't go anywhere else. I couldn't recommend anyone other than family law group Cambridge to anyone who is in need of a family law solicitor. Thank you for all your hard work
I used family law this year a past few months ago and I must say they are absolutely brilliant! , i felt at ease and very comfortable about using them they took the time to listen to my self and my case and all the details which was so nice , Always checking with my self on if I understood the process of my court case asking if I was ok, listening and generally taking the time to get all the facts and my feelings about the matters , I very much would recommend! them to everyone who needed a solicitor, the lady I had work my case was amazing and so lovely , I had not been through it before and was so scared and panicked she made me feel so at ease, such an amazing law firm.
I have had Northants Family Law as my solicitors for nearly 2 years now, for my long, difficult and emotional case. I can’t them enough, in particular Alexandra and Harriet. They called me back when they said they would, appointments were always on time, and while being extremely professional, they were also kind, understanding and above all human! Thank you very much guys, you got me through a very difficult 2 years, with a successful outcome, enabling me to happily move on with my life. Highly recommend.
Was caught in a very uncomfortable, difficult situation which no one wants to be in. Natasha and Amy really helped me through it and helped explain things in layman’s terms but without making me feel stupid! Natasha was amazing in court and stood her ground and we got the outcome we deserved and wanted. Always quick with responses to emails and phone calls and never rushed you with anything. Obviously I don’t want the need for solicitor again but if I do I would 100% use Natasha and Amy. Thank you for all your help.