Relationship Finance FAQ

Here you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions relating to relationship finances during separation or divorce.

Do I have to attend mediation?

You do not have to attend mediation if you have agreed all family and divorce matters. If you wish to apply to Court relating to children or finances on a divorce matter, you will need to normally have attended a MIAM before making the application.

What am I entitled to?

What you are entitled to depends upon your circumstances and whether you are married or living together. It is best to obtain legal advice on this from a family law solicitor.

What happens if my partner will not disclose all of their financial assets?

This usually happens on a voluntary basis, but where one party will not cooperate it can be directed through the Court. Within divorce proceedings, you can make a financial application to court. The court will then direct the information as a requirement of the proceedings by way of a Financial Information disclosure form, called Form E.