Mediation allows you to take control and make your own informed decisions together regarding children, finances and other relationship breakdown issues, reaching mutual agreement usually by a series of round the table meetings with a trained mediator. The mediator is independent and not able to give legal advice and both parties will still need separate legal advice. Mediation is ideally suited to people who are willing to try to resolve problems in a constructive and cooperative way; and the process is quicker and cheaper than going through the courts.

If you’re unsure about Mediation you would benefit from a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) where a trained mediator can explain the options available for you to try to resolve your dispute. In fact, it is now compulsory for anyone wishing to issue financial or children applications to show that they have considered Mediation by attending one of these meetings before applying to the courts.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to take time off work to meet with your solicitor. You may have commitments and responsibilities such as caring for your children, which make it difficult for you to visit our offices.

So to help you with this and ensure that you are still able to ‘meet’ with your solicitor, we are now offering Mediation meetings via Skype. This allows you to have a meeting with our solicitor over the internet at a convenient location for you.

Both parties and their mediators will meet at a neutral, mutually convenient place (usually the mediator's premises) in order to discuss and resolve relationship breakdown issues such as children or finances. A typical mediation will take an average of 3 to 4 round the table sessions at an average of 1½ hours per session.Should you find it difficult being face to face with the other party, we can provide shuttle mediation. This simply means each person meets with their mediator at the same time in the same premises, but in separate rooms and the mediator goes between rooms on your behalf in order to discuss and resolve your issues.