Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you know is suffering psychological, physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse, Family Law Group is here to help you with the legal remedies available to prevent such abuse.  

You may need to apply for an injunction such as a Non-Molestation Order or Occupation Order.  These are Court Orders prohibiting the other party from assaulting, threatening, harassing or intimidating you and/or prohibiting that person from entering or approaching the home in which you live.

If the harm that you are suffering is sufficiently serious, the Court can order the other party to move out of your home and can in some circumstances, order the transfer of a rented property into your sole name or order the other party to contribute towards the mortgage upon a property owned by you both.



"My case has been dealt with by Kerry sensitively and sympathetically as well as with the utmost professionalism. "

K Beaumont