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It's Time for Divorce Without Blame

A firm of Nottingham family law specialists has said it is time for the country to update its divorce laws to prevent ‘added acrimony’ in marriage break ups.

Nottingham Family Law Group has said removing blame from divorce will make it easier for people to manage their separation with as little conflict and stress as possible, and reduce the likelihood that they will end up in court.

“It is high time that divorce without blame was part of our law as this would benefit so many people,” said Simon Leach, Director of the firm, who are based in Canal Street, in the city centre.

“Baroness Hale of Richmond, our country’s most senior female judge has said that removing blame from divorce is a sensible move” and we agree, he said. “Marriage break-ups don’t need added acrimony and anything that reduces the turmoil divorce often involves should be welcomed,” he added.

Currently in order to divorce, unless couples have been living apart for at least two years one of them needs to apportion blame to the other.

Adultery or unreasonable behaviour is often cited when divorces are being discussed and unfortunately this often creates conflict and makes reaching a mutually acceptable agreement challenging. 

“In 2012, there were over 72,000 divorces in the country where adultery or unreasonable behaviour were cited,” said Mr Leach. “A leading country deserves a civilised divorce process.”

“This calling for change from Baroness Hale or others like us isn’t something new either,” added Mr Leach. “Many eminent people involved in family law over the years have called for reform.

Other countries around the world – including Australia and the United States of America, as well as Spain – allow for divorce without blame. It is now time for us to follow in their footsteps.” 

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