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Festive Frostiness is the Final Straw For Thousands of Couples

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A row filled festive break will see many couples in the region heading to solicitors to seek divorces as soon as 2015 starts.

Simon Leach, of Family Law Group says that the Christmas period is often the final straw in difficult partnerships.

“The Christmas holiday is a time that marital problems come very much into focus,” he said. “It is a time when a hidden affair becomes more likely to be detected, and also a time of reflection when some decide the marriage is over and they want a new chapter.”

“Also, we have alcohol fuelled rows, a hectic calendar with time spent in the company of relations you may not like, and then there is the financial strain of Christmas. It demonstrates why January is the busiest period for divorce lawyers,” he added.

Mr Leach said the tales of Christmas woe are often the first stories mentioned when speaking to him.

“When we talk to those who wish to split up, we hear of couples who did their best for the family to create a good festive atmosphere, but due to the state of the relationship it failed,” he said.

He said that those experiencing marriage breakdowns should take heart that there are plenty in the same situation.

“Going through a marriage break up is difficult, and there are thousands in this situation right now,” he said. “We see many people very despondent after a terrible Christmas, but we reassure them that life will get better and they are not alone.”

“What all those going through marriage break up have in common is that they are going through a very hard time and they should seek help and advice,” he added.