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Christmas Break Will See Couples Heading For New Lives

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A disappointing Christmas will see many couples in the region seeking a new start in 2016, claims a leading family law expert.

Simon Leach, of Family Law Group, based in Nottingham said that marital difficulties come into focus more over the holidays leading to break-ups.

“Holidays and especially sentimental times like Christmas is a time when relationship problems are highlighted,” he said. “It is a time of reflection when some decide it is time to move on.”

“To add to this, there can be more incidents between couples due to too much alcohol consumption, a hectic calendar and the financial strain that the festive period can bring, all demonstrating why January is the worst month for relationship breakdown,” he added.

He said the tales of holiday misery are often the first stories mentioned when individuals seek advice.

“We hear of couples who do their best to create festive harmony, but often other strains means this is not always possible,” he said.

He added that those experiencing relationship difficulties should take solace in the fact that they are not alone.

“Throughout the region, there are many in this situation right now,” he said. “We see many people who are very low after Christmas, but they should take heart in the fact they are not alone, and that very similar situations are being played out across the country.

 “Virtually everyone in the process of a marriage ending is going through one of the toughest times in their lives and they should seek expert help,” he added.