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Abused Men Should Not Be Frightened To Speak Out

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Men suffering domestic abuse should not be afraid to seek help and should look for support, claims one of the region’s leading family law experts.

Simon Leach, of Nottingham Family Law, said he hoped publicity surrounding the case of Alex Skeel, whose partner was jailed for seven-and-a-half years for harming him, should alert society that men need help also.

“Whilst it’s normal to think of domestic abuse victims as female, there are men suffering and they need to find a way out of the cycle of cruelty, just as many woman do,” he warned.

Jordan Worth, was led to the cells, at Luton Crown Court, after the court heard she had thrown boiling water over her boyfriend, and hit him with a hammer amongst a catalogue of incidents.

Mr Skeel, aged 22, received multiple injuries, and was also denied contact with his family as Worth terrorised him.

Worth admitted grievous bodily harm, wounding with intent, and coercive controlling behaviour in the case last week, and it is the UK's first conviction for coercive control involving a woman.

“Of course, the Alex Skeel case is extreme, but it does go to show that domestic abuse is not just a female-related crime,” said Simon. “In many ways, men can find it harder to seek help due to stereotypes surrounding such behaviour,” he said. “However, we hope the publicity surrounding this case will mean that more men will feel more confident to stand up and ask for help,” he added.  

In the Alex Skeel case, the court heard how Worth had also hit him on the head and hands with a beer bottle and in the face with a hammer and broke his mobile phones, so he couldn’t contact anyone for help.

“The scale of the treatment and the fact he is male has shocked many people,” added Simon.

“We hope, more than this being unusual because the victim is a young man, it will keep the difficult subject of domestic abuse in the spotlight,” he added.

“Society needs to do all it can to battle against this behaviour, which ruins so many lives,” he added. “Even if one extra voice finds the strength to escape domestic abuse, then there is some good to come from this terrible case.”