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Family Law Group
1 Sovereign Court
204 Upper Fifth Street
Milton Keynes
Family Law Group
1 Sovereign Court

Angela Phelan is a Consultant Senior Solicitor who has recently joined FLG from her own practice in South Bucks. She has dedicated herself to the complex area of family law with emphasis on children in both private and public law proceedings (care and supervision). She was also a police station representative in the past so can offer an insight into criminal connection to family proceedings.

Angela Phelan was the only solicitor in Chesham (where she previously practised) to have been appointed to the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law Panel in 2002. 

Angela offers a service that is friendly and thorough with an inside understanding of the emotional trauma that relationship breakdowns can cause.

Additionally she was appointed to the Law Society’s Children Panel as a Parent and children's representative. As such he deals with public law proceedings where the state intervenes in family’s lives and acts also for children through their appointed Guardians.  This is a complex area of law that enhances specific organisational skills together with a knowledge of family dynamics and vulnerable partners.  She will deal with care and supervision orders and special guardianship orders.  This type of legal aid is non means and non merits tested for  the most part.

Angela has a wealth of experience having been in the field for some 35 years.

Angela can be contacted on 01908 787900 or 


''Thank you Angela for your time and the amount of effort you and your team have given me though the court proceedings.''
As my trusted solicitor for over a decade, Angela Phelan represented me in recent family proceedings, which involved complicated litigation and matters concerning children. Angela's unwavering professionalism, efficiency, and unmatched advocacy skills, honed over years of practice, make her an exceptional lawyer. Despite moving to a new firm, Angela continued to handle my case, and she remains my go-to family lawyer due to her exceptional legal acumen, advocacy, and unwavering commitment, making her my only choice for handling my family matters.


Thank you so much for all your help, you have been amazing. I really appreciate it. 
I must commend Angela’s approach, she was simply amazing throughout the whole process. Angela really understood me as a mother and client and made valid points which the court took into consideration. I am so grateful for this. I’d really love to have Angela represent me again in August when this will be revisited.

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