Mediation for Children

Mediation allows you to take control and make your own informed decisions together regarding children, finances and other relationship breakdown issues, reaching mutual agreement usually by a series of round the table meetings with a trained mediator.

The mediator is independent and not able to give legal advice and both parties will still need separate legal advice. Mediation is ideally suited to people who are willing to try to resolve problems in a constructive and cooperative way; and the process is quicker and cheaper than going through the courts.

As part of the mediation process, it is sometimes possible to bring the children in to meet the mediator and have a confidential discussion with them. The mediator will only feed back to the parents the points the child gives permission to feed back. 

This helps to create a safe place for children to communicate how they feel about the situation, any concerns they have and they can ask questions. 

Children find this process helpful and their feedback to the parents is usually helpful in guiding decisions which will then meet all the family's needs. It helps parents to stay focused on what their children need.