Care and Social Services

Should the Local Authority’s Social Services Department become involved with your family, we can help you through the legal process at all stages of their investigations.

Local Authorities are now obliged to carry out all necessary assessments before issuing care proceedings.  The only exception to this is when it needs to apply for an emergency order.

It is common for Social Services to become involved if there are concerns about a child being abused or neglected.  Once Social Services become involved with your children, there is a process which it must generally undergo prior to the commencement of any Court proceedings.  This is called the Public Law Outline and will involve your having to attend meetings with a Social Worker and possibly other professionals.  If the Local Authority is of the opinion that no further work can be done to reduce the risk to the child, it will usually serve a notice upon a parent to the effect that it intends to issue care proceedings.

We can help right from the commencement of any investigations by the Local Authority in ensuring that you have proper representation at any meetings and are provided with the right legal advice.  We will advise you when it is appropriate to cooperate with the Local Authority and what you will need to do to ensure that any concerns of the Local Authority are suitably addressed.

"The process was managed with urgency and professionalism and above all sensitivity. Not only did I feel represented, I felt supported. I would have every confidence in recommending you to anyone. I cannot express enough my level of gratitude."

K Beaumont