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Staff Keep up to Pace With Customer Excellence

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Family Law Group’s front line staff have been brushing up on what it is that delivers excellent customer service.

We welcomed Paul Beesley, from leadership and management consultancy, Beyond Theory for an in-house training session to all our staff who deal with the public on a daily basis.

The event included group discussions and small group exercises to help embed the knowledge, and also included video examples of what should and should not be observed when dealing with the public.

At Family Law Group we believe no progressive business can rest on its laurels and we know it is our clients and their experience with us which will help grow our reputation.

The training demonstrated that a good attitude to all who come in contact with us is a must. Also, it ably demonstrated the importance of teamwork, how vital first impressions are and how the customer should never be taken for granted.

To ensure that the points learned on the course will be adopted in our daily business, we will be following up this training with one to one feedback sessions and incorporating further training at our annual Staff Conference in September 2015.