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We sat down with Johanna Brewer from our Derbyshire office to ask about her days, career and what advice she can impart for individuals looking to start in law.



Q1. Why did you become a Solicitor?

My passion to become a solicitor started at secondary school. I enjoyed watching television programmes about the legal world which spurred my interest. I went on to pursue work experience placements by which point, I was fully invested in becoming a solicitor to help people achieve their goal during difficult times in their lives. I also found shadowing other solicitors in a number of areas of law was extremely interesting, informative and eye opening.

Q2. What area of law do you specialise in and why did you choose it?

Specialising in family law, I represent clients in respect of divorce proceedings, finances upon divorce, co-habitation and separation, children contact matters, domestic abuse and care.

My interest in family law came from my time at University, whilst studying my degree and further when completing the Legal Practice Course.  I went on to practice family law when I was completing my training contract and found it interesting, a necessity in many people’s lives and a way that I could help people through my legal knowledge and abilities.

Q3. What are the four essential skills you believe a good solicitor should have?

There are a countless number of skills required to be a good solicitor. Most solicitors excel in listening and understanding the client and how they are feeling and what their objective is. Solicitors must then go on to advise well, see matters through and ensure that the correct outcome is achieved in a timely, cost effective and legally sound way.

All approaches must be bespoke and unique to each client you interact with. Each client is different and solicitors must understand that and ensure they meet each client’s goal in the way that best suits that individual.

Q4. What does an average day look like for a family lawyer?

Although a family lawyer may have a plan for each day, many urgent matters take precedent and you have to be prepared to put aside what you are currently doing, address the urgent matter and then return to the original task.  You will spend time in the office, meetings, conferences, Court and training; it is a very busy working life and is very rewarding. Flexibility and planning is crucial to this role.

Q5. What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in your professional career?

Achieving my degree, LPC Diploma, training contact and qualifying as a solicitor took a number of years of commitment, studying and practice.  Since qualifying I believe my biggest challenge has been representing a client who was the victim of sexual abuse but, was unable to prove this as no findings were made. As a consequence, the matter proceeded in a way that she found extremely difficult so my advice was invaluable to her in obtaining a good outcome.

Q6. What do you like to do in your free time?

I have two young children who are an absolute delight. My husband, children and I enjoy lots of family time whether that is visiting family and friends, walking/climbing in the Peak District, playing board games or visiting the park. When I have time to myself I enjoy keeping fit, especially running. I have been training for the London Marathon and was very disappointed that it was cancelled in 2020. I have enjoyed competing in triathlons, duathlons and assault course, which are great fun, whilst also very challenging.

Q7. What is your advice to anyone that wishes to start a career in law?

Anyone wishing to pursue a career in law must go into it knowing that this is what they do want to do. It becomes a way of life and although it can be very difficult at times, the hard work really does pay off and their career will be one that is rewarding to them and those they help to make a positive difference.

Johanna can be contacted on 01332 650000 or at