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The Changing Attitudes Towards Domestic Abuse

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The shocking pictures of Harriet Robson covered in blood and bruises allegedly at the hands of her former partner footballer Mason Greenwood has brought the ugly spectre of domestic abuse firmly back in to the spotlight over the weekend.

Those, coupled with the harrowing voice recording, will sadly resonate with many as according to figures published by Women’s Aid (a National Domestic Abuse Charity), 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be subject to some form of domestic abuse within a relationship.

Figures show that it takes over 30 incidences before someone feels able to report what is happening, often as a result of them struggling to come to terms with what a supposed loving partner has subjected them to.

Thankfully, after many years of domestic abuse being hidden firmly behind closed doors and covered up, attitudes are changing and victims are being encouraged to report abuse perpetrated by partners and supported in breaking free and rebuilding their lives. Charities such as Women’s Aid and Refuge lend support and can offer safe havens for parents and children. At Family Law Group we regularly offer our support in this regard and can assist in obtaining protective orders (known as Non Molestation Orders) preventing former partners from even contacting or coming near to their victims. Breach of such orders is a criminal offence and can lead to a term of imprisonment. These orders can be obtained within hours of first contacting us.

The tide is well and truly turning and the message is clear, no one should be subjected to domestic abuse of any sort and it has no place in society. The immediate arrest and suspension of such a high profile individual can only help reinforce this message.

Family Law Group has offices up and down the country and has a 24 hour emergency line for people who need urgent family support (08000 320999). Women’s Aid can offer support through local services. Further details are available at