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Career growth within Family Law Group

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Many members of the Family Law Group team have joined us at the start of their careers and worked their way up to senior positions.

We spoke to some of our colleagues who have grown through the firm about how they did it and why family law is the career for them.

Dan Cooper joined Family Law Group in May 2011 and is now a Director and Head of the Milton Keynes Office.


Dan, why did you choose to build a career in family law?

I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer from an early age (after realising that a fear of heights procluded me from being an astronaut and a general lack of ability put paid to any thoughts of a football career) and ultimately decided to specialise in family law as I knew that I wanted to make a difference to people and their lives. Whilst more lucrative, I can’t imagine a career in commercial law gives you the same job satisfaction as, for example, helping someone escape an abusive relationship.


What was your first role at FLG?

An NQ assistant solicitor.


How did you progress through the firm?

Through hard work and the support of a great team!


What have been your career highlights?

Opening the Milton Keynes office in April 2013 as an assistant solicitor with my then assistant, Kerrie-Ann. We were set a task of billing £500k in 5 years. We managed it in 18 months and have grown exponentially since then, with a number of extremely talented lawyers and support staff having now made us one of the largest family law offices in the country.


What would you say sets FLG apart from other law firms?

Two things stand out for me, firstly clear identity. We aim to be the best family law firm that we can be and that anyone can access our services. I’m proud of the fact that we have had clients from the world of TV, through to someone living in a bush.

The second thing is transparency. We have a document that sets out exactly what needs to be achieved to progress up the career ladder with FLG, and what the remuneration is at each stage. There are numerous examples of people having hit each stage and been promoted accordingly.


What are the 3 main personality traits you need to succeed at FLG?

Empathy, ambition and grit.


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