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A Time Of Realisation For Those In Poor Relationships

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It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, as we were putting away the Christmas decorations, most of us had not heard of Coronavirus.

Now here we are, half way through 2020 and it seems the world has turned on its head.

We cannot downplay the huge negative effect it has had on our lives. Aside from the terrible loss of many loved ones, the effects have been so wide ranging, that only those who document history will be able to make sense of them.

However, the surreal nature of the lock down has been like an awakening to many. Temporarily taken off the 24/7 treadmill that is the nature of the 21st century, means many have had a bit more time to assess their lives and especially their relationships.

It is for this reason that it is no surprise that we read articles in one of our national newspapers saying how solicitors are expecting a bigger demand for divorces than post-Christmas, which is generally when we see a notable increase in enquiries.

For many the recent lock down has been unbearable. Spending many hours indoors with a partner you don’t get on with, at a time when the stress of the economic implications of the crisis is affecting the mental health of many alongside factors like increased alcohol purchased across the country is having a significant impact on relationships.

Many will see the COVID-19 crisis as the time they decided to move on from their partners.

Of course, we cannot downplay the ending of a relationship, but it is fair to say, whilst it is almost always painful at the time for those looking back, some can often see that it was necessary.

We just hope, as much as possible, that those in more problematic relationships can find help.

We wish all readers continued strength in these uncertain times, and remind them that the world of law is still continuing with good family law firms still available for both telephone and video appointments.

There’s a lot of advice and support we can offer, and we want everyone to stay safe from more than just the virus.