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Family Law Group
23 Warser Gate
Family Law Group

Tony is our most experienced solicitor and advocate, with over 32 years as a qualified lawyer and a long list of complimentary testimonials from a wide range of clients. Although trained in London, he has spent much of his career in the Midlands and the North, working as a Partner in local firms.

His focus is upon the representation of clients at court, appearing before Lay Justices, District and Circuit Judges as well as attendance in the High Court.

A member of the Law Society Child Care Panel since 1990, he has developed a passion for presenting the views of his clients in a clear, forthright and reasoned manner.

He also understands just how daunting the court process can be and will do his utmost to put clients at ease, while pursuing their case tenaciously.

We were reminiscing on your relentless cross examination …You are quite the dark horse going from pleasant to ruthless in a heartbeat.”
All of us are elated with the result of all your hard work Tony and I was met with tears and smiles of joy when I arrived home last night, which is something money cannot buy. Thank you seems too little to say to you sir.”
We will never forget the amazing way you represented us and will always hold you in the highest of regards.”
A genuine heart felt thank you, and if the unlikely occasion presents itself where we can ever be of assistance to you please don't hesitate to pick up the phone.”
''I cannot thank Tony Woods enough for his consistently superb representation. Tony undoubtedly goes above and beyond for his clients. From my very first call with Tony, the stress and anxiety that I felt were immediately alleviated by his understanding, thorough preparation focus and utter kindness. Listening to Tony’s masterful representation in court made me feel confident that we would achieve a favourable result. Tony's extensive knowledge and experience led to the best outcome for my children. I shall be forever grateful for Tony’s brilliant counsel and do not believe that there could be a better service than his. Tony is a truly exceptional professional.''
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