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Family Law Group
23 Warser Gate
Family Law Group

Lucy is a Solicitor and Head of Family Law Direct. Lucy joined Family Law Group in August 2022.  She works in the Nottingham office and spends time at the Derby office.  Lucy has taken up the role of Head of the Family Law Direct team where she supervises the five paralegals within the team. 

Having achieved her Law Degree and her Legal Practice Certificate in Sheffield.  Lucy has worked in family law since 2009 and she has a passion for supporting clients at one of the hardest times of their lives.  Lucy is a Resolution Accredited Specialist Associate solicitor.

Lucy deals with all areas of family law and aims to work closely with her clients in a trusting environment and provide an empathic approach whilst still obtaining the best possible outcome for the client.  Lucy’s clients have commented on how approachable Lucy is whilst still providing excellent results.

Lucy has a passion for assisting clients when they have been the victim of domestic abuse and works alongside domestic abuse support workers.  She is able to offer a supportive and knowledgeable service for clients who are victims of domestic abuse.   Lucy feels strongly about ensuring clients who might be eligible for legal aid get the support they need.

She is supervisor and is a member of Derby and District Law Society and on the Family Law subcommittee.  She is on the Management board for Derby University Student Legal Advice Centre and she is a Mentor for the University of Derby Law School.   She also regularly attends at local networking events. Lucy is also the Deputy Vice President of Derby and District law Society.

Lucy can be contacted on 07824 667978 or by email 

Thank you very much Lucy I really appreciate everything you have done. I found you to be a lifeline in the sense of someone I could speak to and rely on when very often I have needed that. You have been most caring kind and professional. Both me and XXX would like to thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and hard work during this case. Likewise it's been a pleasure and a privilege working with you. Thank you for extending the hand of help in the future I really appreciate that as I never know what could happen next. But yes we will continue to work with XXX and hopefully grow. Take care for now. Thank you very much once again. 

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