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Isobelle Peck

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Family Law Group
10 Milton Road
Family Law Group
33 St Andrew’s St. South
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3PH

Isobelle is an SQE Apprentice and joined Family Law Group in June 2022.

Isobelle obtained a 2:1 in her LLB Law Degree at the University of Lincoln in 2022. Isobelle commenced her legal career straight after completing university and began working as a Paralegal at Family Law Group.

Isobelle has supported solicitors representing both parents and children via their Guardians in a variety of complex public law children cases featuring non-accidental injuries and fabricated illnesses. Isobelle regularly attends Public Law Outline meetings during the pre-proceedings process to assist parents with taking the necessary steps to avoid the Local Authority issuing care proceedings.

Isobelle was a member of the University Law Clinic and sat on the Restorative Justice panel at secondary school, experiences which confirmed that Isobelle was passionate about working in a hands-on, people focussed, area of law. Isobelle enjoys building a rapport with clients whilst helping them to understand and navigate the complex situations they find themselves in.

Outside of her career, Isobelle enjoys spending time with her friends and family whether that be at concerts or exploring somewhere new.

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