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Family Law Group
23 Warser Gate
Family Law Group

Emily joined Family Law Group shortly after completing her studies at the University of Liverpool. She graduated with a 1st class honours in 2020 having been the first in her family to attend university. 

She was initially part of the Civil Legal Aid team and quickly progressed to become a paralegal to one of the directors of the firm, assisting with complex public law children cases featuring non-accidental injuries, child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and factitious illness. She has also undertaken wider domestic abuse work, including offering free advice and assisting clients in obtaining urgent Non-Molestation Orders. Emily frequently represents clients during the PLO pre-proceedings process to assist parents in taking all steps possible to avoid the Local Authority initiating care proceedings.

Following her completion of her LPC LLM, Emily began her training contract with Family Law Group in September 2022. Emily practises in both private and public law matters; having a keen interest in the latter.

Emily’s intention has always been to practise in family law; Emily feels strongly about legal representation being accessible to everyone, especially those who do not know their rights and the possible options open to them. It is important to her that people - no matter their circumstances – have equal access to justice.  

Emily understands that children and care proceedings can be confusing and distressing. Her empathetic yet robust approach ensures that clients receive the best possible knowledge and advice about the process. Her meticulous approach guarantees that no detail is overlooked and clients are reassured by her caring yet straight-forward demeanour.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys travelling, walking her Doberman (as long as it is not up a mountain), making homemade cocktails and most of all, cosying up with numerous blankets and a good book!

Emily can be contacted on 0115 666 7955/07800 777 158 or

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