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Letters via Solicitors

At Family Law Group, we understand that emotions can run high after separation, particularly when parties cannot agree on child arrangements. That’s why we are here to offer our advice and assistance.

To avoid the risk of conflict and tension building whilst communicating to the other party via text message or social media, sending letters via solicitors to the other party can help take the pressure off discussions and allow time for reflection on any proposals for contact to take place. Sending letters via solicitors enables parties to communicate indirectly through a third party for the benefit of the children, and attempts can be made to ensure the process is as amicable as possible. Our team can help provide you with sensitive but professional support throughout communications.  

Solicitors can also be a support mechanism to help and guide parties through this difficult time. They can also advise on what a fair proposal for child arrangements would be and whether a proposal should be accepted. Letters can be used as a negotiation tool and can be used to attempt to settle the dispute before escalating. It is worth mentioning that once a court application is made, the matter is taken out of the parties’ hands and a decision is made by a judge. This can be costly, and we can never know for certain what Order the judge will make on the day.  

Letters via solicitors can therefore be a useful tool for parties to negotiate and attempt to reach a suitable agreement at an early stage without requiring the involvement of the Court. The best interests of the children should remain the paramount consideration of both parties’ whilst proposing arrangements, and parties’ own views should, as far as possible, be put to one side for the children’s benefit. 

At Family Law Group, we offer a fixed fee letter for £84 including VAT through our Family Law Direct scheme, which can be drafted to put forward an arrangement proposal for the children and begin the negotiation process. 

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