Shazia Haider-Shah

In House Advocate
Shazia Haider-Shah

Shazia Haider-Shah

In House Advocate

Shazia is a highly skilled solicitor advocate, having been admitted to the roll of solicitors in 1996. She is on the Law Society Family Law Panel, The Law Society Children Panel and is a High Court Advocate. Shazia has also successfully completed training on cross examination of vulnerable witnesses.

She is strong and supportive of her clients who often say they feel safe when Shazia is with them in court. She is honest and direct. She will tell a client where their strengths and weaknesses lie; she believes that the family court is not an arena where games should be played. She is also a parent of four children, which she believes gives her valuable insight into the trials and tribulations of family life.

Her specialism is in cases where children are involved, either in private or public law proceedings. She has a wealth of experience in many aspects of family law and also brings in her early commercial litigation experience to enhance her practice.

Shazia has a formidable reputation amongst her peers. She is known to be fearless and tenacious while remaining impeccably well mannered and respectful. She will ensure that her client’s best possible case is put forward properly and fully before the court. She gives her clients her complete time and attention and makes them feel that theirs is the most important case she has fought. Whatever the outcome, she does not like to talk in terms of winners or losers in the family court, her clients leave court satisfied that Shazia helped them to put themselves in front of the court exactly how they wished to be seen.

Shazia can be contacted on 07867337009 or

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Shazia. She did a fantastic job today. I felt very well looked after and supported. She has such compassion for resolution with the children’s best interests at her goal. She made a very stressful situation bearable."

I would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart you have really been there for me on the day at court. I struggled with emotions, memories suffering and pain that I was going through, and still am.”

“I appreciate your support and understanding in this matter, and I am really glad to hear that you can represent me at court, this makes it just a tad easier to come in front of this judge.”

I did a google search for you, you're the happiest lawyer I've seen online.”

“That was the best cross examination I’ve ever seen.”

Can I just say thank you to you all for an impeccably conducted hearing. It was a delight to be with such able, measured and pleasant advocates. The highest standards of our profession as lawyers were upheld.”