Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law involves a series of meetings with you and your Solicitor in order to resolve issues arising from your relationship breakdown. 

This process involves a series of four way meetings which both parties and their respective Solicitors attend together.  You decide the timetable and agenda so you can be in control at each stage. The process also has the advantage of your being able to involve other professionals such as a child development specialist, family therapist or an accountant as appropriate and when specialist skills and support are needed to assist you and your children to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

At the first meeting, you will each enter into a Participation Agreement, which states that you both along with your Solicitors agree not to go to Court unless negotiations completely breakdown.  It also states that you will work together to find fair and acceptable solutions for you and your family.

Collaborative Law allows you to self determine the issues arising from your separation and/or divorce and to focus on the needs and concerns of your family.  The process can also be quicker and cheaper than going to Court.  The reason for this is because your respective Solicitors work together and not in competition with each other and negotiations are therefore based on interests and not positions.