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Summer Holiday's Final Straw For Many Marriages

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American research into divorce trends has found that divorce is seasonal with immediate spikes in marriage breakdowns after the summer and winter holidays, which is in line with British relationship break ups, claims a leading family law expert.

The US research analysed disputes filed in Washington State between 2001 and 2015, which showed that the time after a holiday is critical.

Simon Leach of Family Law Group commented, "Sadly, it is true to say that marriages often come to an end after a holiday."

University of Washington sociologists, who carried out the research, found divorce consistently peaked in March and August, the periods following winter and summer breaks.

September is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for people to see legal experts about divorce, said Mr Leach.

More than 40 per cent of marriages end in divorce, following the long summer holidays, and also at the early part of the year following the festive break. These periods seem to be the key times for people to make life altering decisions.

When relationships are on rocky ground it is often one person in the marriage that decides to call it a day following a holiday, which is when happy families should be building memories together.

During the summer couples are with each other more often, and in fraught relationships they take stock of whether the marriage is worth saving.

Divorces in 2016 are no longer at the record highs they were in the 1990s, but Mr Leach said this was because of a rise in the number of couples who decide not to marry, but instead co-habit.

"Difficult marriages can continue on for many years before a decision is made and sometimes a break up, which appears unlikely, can happen swiftly," added Mr Leach.

"However, what is without doubt is that it is always a difficult time for those involved and that is why good divorce lawyers in the region will find themselves called upon in the coming weeks."

Simon Leach
Simon Leach, Director