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We sat down with Raj Chahal from our Loughborough to ask about her day to day work, how she started her career, and what advice she can impart for individuals looking to start in law.


Q1. Why did you become a Solicitor?

My interest in the family law sector came from my studies at Leicester University whilst doing a LLB in Law. I had long wanted a legal career and developing through Leicester University, gave me a solid foundation to continue my development.

By completing a range of LPC and work experiences, I could build on my own knowledge which has only grown stronger with time. My passion stems from wanting to help and support people who are in a crisis, and how in a professional capacity, I can help them achieve the desired outcomes for their case to the best of my abilities.


Q2. What area of law do you specialise in and why did you choose it as a specialty?

My speciality is family law representing children and young adults.

I find the cases are the most rewarding when I can make a positive difference to their lives. It can often be emotional and stressful when a young person is being involved in legal proceedings.  

Alongside this, representing parents who need help during a turbulent time within their family allows me to utilise my years of experience to help in any way I can. It is a great sense of accomplishment when a case is resolved, and a favourable outcome is reached. Seeing the looks of relief on a client’s face and knowing that you have been instrumental in changing the course of their case and in many cases life, is a deeply rewarding feeling.


Q3. What are the four essential skills you believe a good solicitor should have?

The main skills anyone in the sector needs compassion and understands what your client is seeking. People going through a difficult time must be communicated with clearly and in an empathic way and by doing that effectively you are able to help your client achieve the best outcome. Being knowledgeable about not only the law, but case laws that are constantly being updated, are another key skill that all good solicitors should practise.

As these changes constantly, being on top of changes and amends means you can be on the pulse of change that happen to your cases. Putting the time aside, although difficult at times, is a valuable way to increase your knowledge.

Understanding what your clients are going through ties into all the other points and is the cornerstone of your role when on a case. In stressful or worrying situations, the clients may need empathy to help you and them reach an amiable conclusion in their case. The drive to achieve the best outcomes for your clients, has to be paramount and drive every decision you take.

These cases soften have long durations or can be difficult times for the participants and they need the reassurance that their solicitors are working with and for them above all else.


Q4. What does an average day look like for a family lawyer?

The truth is, no two days are ever the same, I always try and prepare consistently for my meetings and appointments each day, you can never be too prepared. On the other side, you must expect the unexpected as anything can change, and your adaptability is the crucial factor.

A day may start, with a court hearing, client meetings and time put aside to draft evidence, however when urgent matters crop up, being able to manage the matter, but also your expectations for the day will help you adapt and overcome any issues to address anything urgent and from there, plan the best way spend your time and get the issues resolved.


Q5. What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in your professional career?

I would say my biggest opportunity over challenge has come recently with myself and my team working tirelessly to build and grow our small office into a large successful addition to the wider locations of Family Law Group.

In Leicestershire, we want to be the go-to company for family law matters, that is still ongoing, but it’s a challenge I am relishing, and look forward to building on even further. We have achieved this through not only building a strong team, but forging community relations and being involved in all aspects of the community in Leicestershire.

We are looking to continue this growth into the future and to continue to provide our range of services to anyone who may need them. The services that Family Law Group offers is so vital to so many people, that all areas of our team train and are kept to the highest standards in line with our core values.


Q6. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I am an avid reader, this usually includes the Lord of The Rings trilogy and other books based around the science-fiction genre. I have read since childhood and enjoy the escapism books offer.

When I want some fresh air, I enjoy walking around Cumbria and spending time with my family.  During the last year with lockdowns, I have tried to do this regularly as the importance of being outside and getting regular exercise cannot be understated.


Q7. What is your advice to anyone that wishes to start a career in law?

I would advise anyone who is starting a career, to figure out passion for an area of law. By identifying this first, then looking to specialise through that into a certain area, the career becomes one you enjoy and love to do.

This drive and interest are crucially important, especially to young lawyers where throughout your journey into work, you may be temped to move into other, sometimes better paid areas that does not ignite the same passion. By focusing on what you enjoy, in the long term, you can have a fulfilled and dynamic career by following what makes you passionate. I have always tried to adhere to this and would advise everyone else to consider the same.

Raj can be contacted through her profile here.