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Family Law Group Celebrates Young Lawyers Progression

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Family Law Group is strengthening its team, with three young lawyers awarded new positions in the business.

Nottingham Family Law are toasting Kerry Avis, who recently qualified as a solicitor, alongside her colleagues Aimee Booth and Will Matheson, who have been awarded training contracts with the firm.

Young Lawyers Promotions
Kerry Avis, Aimee Booth and Will Matheson

The firms’ latest staff member to qualify as a solicitor, Kerry studied law at Nottingham Trent University and the Nottingham Law School, and has been with the firm for four years.

“I have always wanted to specialise in family law since the time I undertook my A Levels. I enjoy the challenges that you sometimes face in this very rewarding area of the legal profession,” she said.  

Meanwhile, her colleague Will who also followed the same routes of study at Nottingham Trent joined the firm in 2016 as a paralegal.

Prior to starting with the firm, he had worked with vulnerable members of the community, championing their rights and helping them in often very difficult situations.

“I’m so looking forward to continuing my career in this incredibly diverse area of law he said.

Aimee is also starting her professional path to being a solicitor. She also studied at Nottingham Trent and then went on to complete a law degree at Lincoln University. She welcomes the opportunity to further her legal experience at Family Law Group, having worked with the firm for over two years. “Family law continues to be one of the most intricate and interesting areas in the legal profession and has such a huge impact on lives. I am pleased to have the opportunity to assist people at what can be a very distressing time in their lives,” she said. 

Simon Leach, Director at Family Law Group, added: “We are really delighted to have these talented young people furthering their careers with us,” he said. “They are the kind of people who see law as more than a just career, but a vocation to help people. It’s a vital difference and this is what the legal profession needs. We wish them all well and will continue to support them in their progression.”