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Christmas is Coming!

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It may seem a little soon to be talking about Christmas and for many that is true.  But when it comes to resolving child arrangements over the Christmas holidays now really is the time to plan ahead. 

Many people leave child arrangements until it is literally too late and often people only think about these issues as they approach.  By then it may be too late for the issue to be resolved and as a solicitor it does sadden me when a parent or family member approaches me so close to an important date.  Whilst a solicitor will try everything they can to assist and negotiate the matter in the hope that it is resolved, there are cases when time runs out or it is simply too late.  In those scenarios the advice we give is to focus on resolving the issues so that next year or next time is different.  

If there is a disagreement about what the arrangements for children should be or wish for past arrangements to be changed for this festive season, then it is important to resolve these matters at the earliest opportunity and give plenty of time just in case court proceedings are required.

As a firm of family law solicitors, we believe it is very important to try to assist parents and family members to resolve matters amicably in the best interests of any children and we often find that when people have been able to agree matters, they feel much more comfortable with the outcome.

In order to seek an amicable agreement, we recommend that a referral for mediation is made.  Mediation will assist you to try and reach an outcome without going to Court and is much cheaper than Court proceedings.   We also recommend that any verbal agreement is confirmed in writing between you, with which a solicitor can assist you.

Negotiations outside of mediation can also take place separately and we can assist clients in writing to the other party to propose the care arrangements that they seek. Matters are often agreed through the exchange of correspondence and then formalised by a solicitor.

Despite these options to settle arrangements, there are still cases where mediation and negotiations do not result in matters being agreed or one party renege on what was agreed. In these scenarios the Court’s assistance is required.  Where this happens and you do require an application to Court to formalise arrangements, we strongly recommend that you consider the future arrangements for the children involved not only for this year’s Christmas, but for future festive seasons and other special events. Christmas will soon arrive and we wish to ensure that it’s a time to look forward to and a time of celebration. So the sooner matters are resolved, the better for all, especially your children.

If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Alexandra Kelly on 0115 945 4555 or to arrange an initial discussion about your requirements.