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Alarming Report on Marriage Breakdown Figures

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More has to be done to save marriages in light of alarming report

Dealing with previously happy couples splitting up is never easy even for those of us who are in the midst of sorting out marriage break-ups.

Like all responsible family law experts, we believe everything should be done to save marriages, and it is concerning to see a survey showing almost one in five (18%) couples in the UK argue regularly or consider separating.

The new report, carried out by charity Relate and based on a survey of 20,980 people in relationships from 2013-15, suggested that around 3 million people are in difficult relationships. We believe couples need to accept when they are having problems and seek advice early on.

Divorce is a very distressing time for families and has such far reaching effects.  It is also one of the most traumatic times in an individual’s life.

There were 114,720 divorces in England and Wales in 2013, but whilst this is down from the highs of the 1990s, this is in part due to less couples marrying. The number of divorces was highest among men and women aged between 40 and 44.

Divorce should be a last resort and in all cases those who do split should always seek professional legal help.

If a marriage is beyond saving, then the parties involved should do all they can to make it as amicable as possible.

We, like all family law experts, have seen some very intense battles between couples, which has been exhausting for them. Such situations can often be avoided with good third party help from experts who can take a step back and help move things forward in a more helpful way.

For the well-being of all those involved in any relationship difficulties, we advise looking for professional help. There is a lot of professional help available and at Family Law Group; we can assist with any family law related legal questions.