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Mental Health First Aid

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Mental Health First Aid training

Solicitor, Jessica Silvers, in our Derby office is now successfully Mental Health First aid trained. This means, she has undertaken and completed an expert training course on Mental Health with MHFA England. This aims to support our workplace and increase awareness on Mental Health for all.

This training will not only assist Jessica with assisting colleagues with their mental health in the workplace but will also assist in supporting clients with their mental health as well. Jessica will be able to make referrals and guide client’s needing assistance in the right direction.

She now has the skills to approach, and assist with a crisis, listen, and communicate non-judgmentally, give support and information, encourage someone to receive professional help and encourage and support others.

Last week 09-15 May 2022 was mental health awareness week and the theme this year is loneliness. Loneliness increased three times during lockdown, than that seen pre-lockdown due to the increase in home working. Now we are out of the lockdown phase and Family Law Group are returning to our offices full-time, it is still an important topic, as loneliness can also be seen within the workplace. This means, we are working on supporting one another and Jessica has sent some resources around her local office to assist other colleagues. Family Law Group also get staff together annually on various occasions to improve colleague relationships which will, it is hoped, in turn, help to combat this feeling within the FLG workplace.