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Laura Martin-Read

Arbitration in Family Law Cases

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I have recently concluded a financial dispute arising from a divorce using Arbitration as an alternative to a Court final hearing. As a solicitor who has been dismayed to see clients embroiled in unnecessarily lengthy, costly and protracted Court...

Who Has Parental Responsibility and What Does It Mean?

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Families now come in all shapes and sizes, and children may live with parents who are cohabiting, married, separated or divorced. They may be part of a step-family, live with adoptive parents, grandparents, other relatives or a special guardian. If you have...

What Exactly is Mediation?

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Today National Family Mediation Week draws to a close. Here at Family Law Group we have a team of mediators offering mediation services across our offices, along with solicitors who can guide and advise you on the mediation process. But what exactly is...