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Family Law Group
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Family Law Group

Michael is an accredited mediator with the Family Mediation Council, undertaking private and legally aided mediation work with Family Law Group since 2014. He works throughout Nottinghamshire and specialises in the mediation of child contact arrangements, with specific skills in the areas of assisting parents to improve communication between them and with co-parenting decisions and plans during or after separation. He is also qualified to carry out Child Inclusive Mediation by the FMC.

Michael can undertake MIAMS and mediation meetings from our Nottingham office throughout the week and on Saturday mornings by appointment.

Having commenced his career by achieving an MA in social work and later adding a post graduate specialism in mental health and family work, he qualified as a mediator in October 2016. Michael has worked for 26 years in the family court, firstly as a family court welfare officer and since 2001, as a Cafcass officer and children’s guardian. In this role he has gained a wealth of experience in family law, particularly the dynamics of family breakdown and the impact on the lives of children.

Michael is accredited by the Family Mediation Council and a member of the College of Mediators.

Clearly passionate about a career in mediation, Michael says that he has always been interested in the issues surrounding family breakdown and conflict resolution. Through mediation, he feels that he can provide parents with a sense of confidence that they can move on from divorce or separation and be able to work together towards the future best interests of their children.

He reflects on these thoughts and has always maintained the view that direct communication between parents can be an effective means of resolution, without the need for court orders. Michael comments; “Given my experience of courts throughout my career, I would always recommend that mediation is tried initially before court in the majority of cases, when it is safe and appropriate to do so. Based on my experience of domestic abuse and its impact within the court arena, I am effective in assessing those cases that are safe for mediation and aware of when it is necessary for child protection to be instigated.”

Alongside his training and experience, Michael has extensive knowledge of child development and the impact that conflict has on children. As a consequence, he is able to consider the needs of children as well as parents, in the mediation process.

His approach is to provide a safe space for parental dialogue and a clear purpose for mediation meetings, which is achieved by ensuring that parents involved in the process adhere to the communication rules and guidance he provides. Michael is an active listener and has a strong, neutral stance within the mediation process. He is able to bring a calming influence to mediation sessions and has an immediate understanding of what his clients may be going through at a very difficult time in their lives.

Outside of his career, Michael enjoys cycling to work and for leisure, sailing and playing football. He spends a lot of time with his family and they enjoy travelling, often around the UK, in their caravan.

Michael can be contacted on 0115 945 4555 or email:

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